April 21

My poem about The Flash

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The Flash

The flash is the fastest man alive.He can travel through time. When ever he run he looks like a lightning bolt passing by. The faster he get’s the stronger he get’s. He smart and clever but he always find his way to win his battles. His Headquarters (HQ) is at Star Labs. H his crew helps him find the people that has like he does after that scientific wave explosive that had happen at Star Labs. The people who had those powers use it to rob bank and everything else. He also teams teams up with ArrowScreenshot 2016-04-19 at 9.50.29 AM Oliver Queen to fight one the other mutant’s that the Flash can’t do alone. They also were battling each other because The Flash was hypnotized by a mutant who looks into your eyes and let you be angry and can’t control yourself. The Flash and ARROW are best friends. The Flash arch nemesis is ZoomScreenshot 2016-04-21 at 9.13.37 AM he’s fast as the Flash they had great battles together. The Flash other arch nemesis is theScreenshot 2016-04-21 at 9.14.08 AM Yellow Flash. He was making the flash fast as him so he can use to go back to his time. The Yellow Flash is the owner of Star Labs.

April 15

About Wolfs

Screenshot 2016-04-15 at 9.12.48 AM

Their strong and protective with their pups

They hunt in a pack so that it would be easier to hunt

They teach their pups to hunt,track, and watch their surroundings,

The alpha wolf is the one that gives orders and tells them what to do,

They play with their pups by ruff housing and chasing each other.

I got this picture at pixabay.com and I like to give them credit for this picture I used.

March 24

What am I doing for Easter Break?

Well, tomorrow is Easter Break. For Easter Break I’m going to see Superman V.S Batman on my Birthday today and I just turn 12 year’s also My dad is ether going to get tickets to Dallas to see Wrestlemania or subscribing to WWE Network to see watch Wrestlemania. My dad and I are going to lots of fun, were going fishing on the father and son camping trip, bowling, paintball shooting, and lot’s more. I hope everybody a great Easter Break and have fun.

leave a comment below and tell me how was your Easter Break.

What are you doing for Easter Break?

March 22

About Digital Footprint’s

Today my class have been working on Digital footprint presentation’s. We get to use Animoto, google drive, I movie , or a skit. What I’m using for my presentation is Animoto, I’ve talked about the grandma rule and people posting pictures of themselves on the internet. I’ve been working on it a lot, at school, and at home to.  If you want to see my Digital Footprint presentation, here’s the link to my video about Digital Footprint’s ,  https://animoto.com/play/. If your wondering about what is Digital Footprints my video could show you about and after the you can come hear even more information about Digital Footprint. I’m guessing that you watch the video, so Digital Footprint is about what you do on the web, like playing games, or you post something on instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter acount. See some teenager’s like in High school and middle school is that what ever they post or do something bad on the internet, people around the can see what they post on the internet. Even the principal, your parents,and your grandma can even see what his/her student’s and kids posted too. What most student’s don’t know is that what they did or post something bad is part of their Digital Footprint, the owner of a buisness that you want to get hire you or get accepted for a college that wanted to get in they will not only check your information they will check your Digital Footprint. Also here’s one that you need to now about Digital Footprint is that you can’t escape what you on the web that is now in your Digital Footprint.

March 22

What happened at Monday Night RAW Last Night.

Roman Reigns had come back, but he is looking for revenge on Triple H after he put Roman to the hospital with a broken nose and his head was split open as well. Roman Reigns attacked Triple H again, but in the parking lot. Triple had escape, but he’s still got his match at Wrestlemania at Dallas Texas in April 3 2016, for the WWE world heavyweight championship. 

Screenshot 2016-03-22 at 9.09.57 AM

Now I have a question for everybody who watch WWE, who will win at Wrestlemania, Roman Reigns or Triple H? Answer on the comment’s below. 

February 3

Homeless Military Soldiers that served our Country.

When my dad showed me a video called ” Wrong Side of Heaven ” , and the video is about the people who served our country. My dad said,” When I was in the Air Force, I had to do what they did and I was a combat medic, but this year thier are 2,896,090 military soldiers that are risking thier live to keep us safe and there has been 2,668 soldiers that took there life to keep our country safe.”  On the video it showed men that were in force and that some of them are homeless, living  in the street’s and had lost his wife and kids. over 500 soldiers are now homeless. But that’s going to change I’m going to help the people that served our country by giving them a home, careness, wellness, and food so they won’t starve to death. They deserve the loving care that they from serving our country. I going to star my own protest to help the homeless that served the country. And this what they said in the video, I swore to defend you. People need to help them so please leave a comment and join me to help the homeless and the homeless ones that served our country. Thank you.

Screenshot 2016-02-03 at 11.13.40 AMScreenshot 2016-02-03 at 11.19.22 AM



January 26

My 100 word’s Story.

I was in my sports car taking my chief named Dawes to the bank to take out money … but later that day … my chief was about to exit the bank out in front where I was waiting for him,but suddenly mysterious bank robber went in the bank with AK-47’s and M4A1’s the chief was held hostage with everybody else so I drove to the back of the bank where the robbers can’t see what I’m doing. So park at the back of the bank then I open the back of the trunk and to out my P-90 , two Desert Eagles ,with ammunition for both guns, I took out flash bang grenades and smoke bombs, then I took out a taser with electrical bolts to reload the taser, I also put on a bulletproof vest. So after I was done I went to the front of the bank and took cover so they don’t see me. I peek through the window to see what’s going on, one of the bank robbers took off their mask and after the robber took off his mask I recognized his face his name was Trenton the most wanted man that lived. He robbed 37 banks all over the country, now he’s going number 38.So I went in undetected  so I can get a closer look. A criminal spotted took out my taser and tased  him , but I moved fast so they don’t spot me. But the they knew that someone was there, so I had take one by silently so they don’t kill the hostages. But i don’t how to get up to high grounds though…



What do you like to write about by doing the 100 word challenge?

December 15

Week of Hour of Code and Tinker lab

Hour of code is a game but to play the game you have to code. Here’s one link to hour of code https://code.org/learn  on that website there’s minecraft, star wars the new one, and frozen for hour of code plus it can be tricky. When your done with an hour of code you get a certificate, ask your teacher if she/he can print it out for you. The second Hour of code website is www.tynker.com. On tinker.com there’s hot wheels, battle monster, monster high, and stuff like that to play and code. The next coding website is my favorite is http://codecombat.com/ that coding game is awesome 🙂 you can battle people, you can play multiplayer, play campaign mode also. There are six worlds on code combat,plus you can create your own hero. With this coding game you don’t use block coding you have to type it in to control your hero.Plus we have bb8 from star wars and you have get so you can controle it. You can try these websites by clicking the links above. And this is what IMG_20151216_084556IMG_20151216_084341the mindstorms look like and this is what bb8 looks like   IMG_20160107_090614